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Dynasty Dudes – After the draft, and after the NFL draft Power Rankings:

Good day Dudes, this is the inaugural post for the Dynasty Dudes dynasty league.  We had a great draft, and while I expected to do this a week after Mr. irrelevant was selected, life happened.  So fucking sue me. This article is one I intend to do weekly throughout the NFL and Dynasty season. These are my power rankings for the 2019 season with a general breakdown, to go along with best value pick and the shittiest possible selection you could have ever taken, team by team, in the veteran draft.  This is according to yours truly, with my subjective take-which should be taken as fact- as I am never wrong. Here we go!


#12 SlabofBeefStick

My Partner-in-Crime comes in last in our very first Power Rankings.  This team is really hampered by the fact they had no first round pick, and their 7th round selection (Doug Baldwin) may not even play football again.  I believe the gamble to trade away their first did not pay off.  However, there are some good players to build around, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see this team get to a championship.  That is because the universe is random, and injury will happen and screw a bunch of teams. Their best pick might have been TE Zach Ertz, as Shielke will have a stud TE for years to come.  And if the injury bug hits Ertz, this team drafted the rare TE handcuff in Dallas Goedert, who can beast in his own right.

BEST VALUE: WR Julian Edelman Round 9, Pick 9

Getting a locked and loaded WR2 in the 9th round is rare.  Being a dynasty draft, people do not think the soon to be 33 year old will last but a year or two longer.  But you also need to try and win for THIS season, and that’s what Edelman will help this team do. Last year after serving his 4 game ban Edelman recorded 74 catches for 850 yards and 6 TD, which was good enough for WR14 in Fantasy PPG in 2018.  He also added 107 more yards on the ground. That is excellent value.

WORST PICK:  WR Doug Baldwin Round 7, Pick 11  (Honorable Mention: Kareem Hunt Round 4, Pick 2)

As mentioned in the brief overview, some reports say Baldwin could be facing career ending injuries.  This is just a bad luck pick, as the news broke after the fact. One could argue that there was a possibility he was dealing with an even greater injury, but I don’t think you could have predicted a possible career-ender.  That being said, I would not bet against him returning to the field. He is one tough SOB. However, if this is the end, Baldwin would end his football days with 493 catches for 6,563 yards and 49 TD. A great career no doubt, but a wasted pick for this dynasty team.

#11 Babsmack

I went into this process deciding who had the best teams thinking Babs had an outstanding draft.  Patiently waiting, grabbing BPA, and not falling for homer picks like others. I took a step back and analyzed the team for this season.  Quarterback – A+, RB – A+, and then it just falls flat. Babs has a total of 4 RB and after Conner and Gordon, its Matt Breida (In a highly contested timeshare) and Wayne flippin’ Gallman.  Bye weeks might be a struggle for Captain Babsmack. Also, I’m not hating on Golladay, I just think he’s more suited to a top end WR2 than top receiver. While Corey Davis was the BPA at number 68 overall, I don’t trust Mariota to get him the ball.  Hey, maybe this will be Mariota’s last year in Tennessee, and that would boost Davis’ value.

BEST VALUE:  WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling Rd 15 pick 8 (Honorable Mention: RB Matt Breida Rd 11 pick 8)

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, or MVS as we like to say, didn’t exactly light the field on fire last season.  Granted he showed flashes, but with the opportunity he was given I think he would say he fell short of his expectations.  Rookie wideouts rarely make that big of an impact, so I don’t fault the guy. The Packers always produce fantasy relevant (And sometimes star) wide receiver numbers coming from their WR2 position.  Last year was an aberration, and I think one of those wide receivers not named Davante will get past 1,000 yards this year. Now, which guy will it be? For a 15th rounder, I’d take my shot on MVS.

WORST PICK: WR Kenny Golladay Rd 3 pick 8

This isn’t such a bad pick as it is a “but you could’ve had this guy” scenario.  I like Golladay, but with AJ Green and Keenan Allen still on the board, I would’ve personally went with the latter.  I can see why you would pass on Green (31 in July), but Allen (27) has shown he is better than Golladay and translates it to fantasy success.  I believe Allen is a back end WR1 all day, and Golladay at his best MIGHT be that. All that being said, it was hard to find a worst pick for Babsmack and Co, and this is a glorified nitpick.

#10 Sandman87

Welp, that escalated quickly..  Or should I say deflated? Sandman easily had one of the best drafts top to bottom, and was in contention for the best team in the league for 2019.  The problem? Tyreek Hill. I’m not going to get into what he did and how bad it was, I will focus on the fantasy implications. When one of your top 3 picks in the draft might not even play this year, let alone again, it guts your fantasy squad.  This is still a good team, and I loved the Mahomes pick in the back end of the 2nd round.  I honestly thought someone would snag him up a lot sooner.  When you can get the league MVP on your squad and not have to worry about the QB position on your team for damn near 10 years, it’s worth more than where he was drafted.  #10 may be a little harsh, as the only big weakness I see is the RB situation sans Zeke.

BEST VALUE: WR Keenan Allen Rd 3 pick 12 (Honorable mention – A LOT of others)

I think this was the biggest steal in the draft.  At least in the top end. Sandman was smart to realize he had an opportunity to get a WR1 when Jeff was on the clock with back to back picks.  Seeing as Jeff (Gaugrim) didn’t need a WR after going back to back in Rd1/2 (Thomas, Evans), Sandman crafted an outstanding 3 person trade (First in league history) to net him the Chargers star WR.  Well done my friend. As for the honorable mentions, take your pick. Mahomes at 2.11, OJ Howard at 7.2, Christian Kirk at 8.11, Sterling Shepard at 10.11, or Jameis Winston at 12.11?

WORST PICK: WR Tyreek Hill Rd 3 pick 2

Please see above..  Sandman knew it was a risk, and he was ballsy enough to take it.  Sources tell me Hill would’ve gone 1.11 at the latest without this new incident.  Who knows, he might come back a changed man and ball out for a few years. Unfortunately for Sandman, one of those years will not be 2019.

#9 Jpease86

This is a well balanced team.  Really, it all boils down to if you believe in QB Josh Allen and RB Derrick Henry.  Tennessee did nothing in the NFL Draft to indicate they don’t plan on featuring Henry as the workhorse he was in the last few weeks of the 18/19 season.  I’m still skeptical, as the Belichick coaching tree tends to love it’s committees. I do however believe in Josh Allen as a fantasy asset. I think he can (and will) be a top 6 QB for the full season.  It may only be for a few years, as he is wildly inaccurate and I don’t think the fantasy success he has had will translate to a ton of wins for the Bills. Outside of that, I believe this team can make a big jump in the power rankings during the season.

BEST VALUE: WR Equanimeous St. Brown Rd 20 pick 7

This is the same thing I was talking about with Marquez Valdes-Scantling.  One of these guys are going to have relevance, and the potential to be a fantasy WR2 (Top 24).  The 20th round is an absolute crapshoot, and I loved that James took his shot.  Another good value I liked was the aforementioned Josh Allen in the 14th round.  From weeks 12 through 17 last season, no one had more fantasy points than The Stallion.  That’s one pick I would like to have back instead of taking IDP.

WORST PICK:  QB Dak Prescott Rd 12 pick 4

I won’t lie, it was tough selecting a worst pick for this team.  I will admit Jeremy had an excellent draft, and traded insanely well throughout.  However this time I don’t think he needed to trade up to get Dak. He let go of his 3rd round rookie pick to move up just a couple spots.  That combined with my general disdain for Prescott is why I had to put him on here.  I’ll always be a Romosexual. But again I’m nitpicking, others I considered were Henry at 4.4, and Foreman at 8.7.  I think both of those players were taken a little high, but it could pay huge dividends despite the slight reach.

#8 Keenn

Keenn comes in at #8 on our initial power rankings list.  Armed with the 1st pick in the draft there was no surprise where this team was going.  I thought the 1st pick was the best spot to be in, and I would’ve targeted 3 players with my first 3 picks that I thought would dominate the draft.  Keenn ended up with 2. Kittle and Barkley will be monsters for years to come. The other would’ve been Mahomes, but he was taken just before Keenn’s 2nd round pick.  As for the other notable players.  Michel with a 2nd is a big risk, especially now that New England brought in yet another RB in Alabama’s Damien Harris.  I think Michel will be fine, but it will be up and down from a game to game basis. The WR corp is a little suspect, but they both showed enough to be solid-to-great contributors in year 2 (Calvin Ridley, DJ Moore).

BEST VALUE: WR Devin Funchess Rd 13 pick 1

If there is anyone to get the most out of the former 2nd round pick of the Panthers, it’s Andrew Luck.  Yes, I get they drafted a WR in the NFL draft’s round 2 in Parris Campbell, but Funchess is at worst the 4th option in the Colts passing game that includes TY Hilton, Eric Ebron, and the above mentioned Campbell.  I think he will be closer to the 2nd option, especially in the red zone.  He is a year plus removed from his best season (63 rec,  840 yards, and 8 TDs) with an inaccurate Cam Newton. In Indy I think he, at the LEAST, matches those numbers for WR2 value in the 13th round.

WORST PICK: QB Cam Newton Rd 6 pick 12

I don’t hate this pick, in fact I wrestled with who to choose here.  There are a few options, but then again I actually don’t mind the values of everyone this team drafted.  So this is all about injury concern. Cam has shown he can be a top 5 QB and even THE top QB in the league in terms of fantasy and real life.  There’s your upside. I’m just concerned about the injury, the age, and his punishing style of running taking a toll on the soon to be 30 year old.  That was also evidenced by the fact they took West Virginia QB Will Grier with the 100th pick in the NFL Draft.  Originally for this segment I was going to choose Austin Hooper.  Hooper was taken just before OJ Howard and while researching, I changed my mind.  They are both the same age, and while I think Howard is the better pick AND has the higher ceiling, Hooper has enough relevance to be a reliable TE1 for years to come.

#7 JAK0492

The starting roster for the Shockers is rock solid.  The weakest part of it is QB Kirk Cousins/Ben Roethlisberger, but any fantasy “expert” will say top QBs are not required to win championships.  Cousins also never finished below QB7 in Washington, so a bounce back is likely if he can sneak in some rushing TDs. I also like the selections of Jerick McKinnon and Tevin Coleman, taking the wait and see approach and hope one of them is the starter in SF where Kyle Shanahan makes fantasy gems out of RBs.  Although who knows, it could be Breida with an injury, or just Breida because he had an incredible year in 2018.

BEST VALUE:  WR Tyler Boyd Rd 8 pick 10

Boyd was phenomenal last year.  It seemed like this came out of nowhere, but he was a 2nd round pick in 2016 and had a really good year as a rookie.  The outlier was the sophomore slump he had in 2017. But he came back this year and lit the fantasy world on fire.  Was he helped by AJ Green being off the field? Maybe. But the Bengals did not feel the need to address WR in the draft and John Ross is up in the air with the new coaching staff.  Boyd collected 76 receptions for 1,028 yards and 7 TD in 2018, good enough for WR17 on the season. If he comes close to that production, the value in the late 8th round was almost criminal.

WORST PICK: TE David Njoku Rd 5 pick 3

Njoku is an insane talent at the tight end position.  But it seems a little crowded in Cleveland now. Chubb, Hunt, Duke Johnson, Odell, Jarvis, and even Callaway will all seemingly get their production.  Where does Njoku fit? He’s a definite redzone target, and I don’t dislike the pick, but I don’t think he’ll have enough value to be a consistent scorer in line to where he was selected.  I would’ve rather had Evan Engram, Hunter Henry, Eric Ebron, and OJ Howard, who were all drafted after Njoku.

#6 Cowboy Up

I like the starting roster, but if Damien Williams doesn’t project to be the starter for the Chiefs once we get more clarity towards the beginning of the season, its uh oh SpaghettiOs for Jon.  There isn’t much depth beyond the top 2 starters at RB. Mike Davis was a great pickup in the draft, but he now projects as the #2 at best in the timeshare in Chicago. The Bears went with RB David Montgomery in the 3rd round of the NFL draft.  While the 3rd round is a little later to project a guy taking over the starting role, consider what they gave up to draft him.  They traded the 87th pick, 162nd pick, and a 4th rounder in 2020 with the Patriots in exchange for 73 (Montgomery) and a 6th rounder.  To boot, that 3rd round pick was their FIRST of the 2019 NFL draft.  To pile on once more, Bears HC Matt Nagy was in KC when the Chiefs took Kareem Hunt in the 3rd round in 2017.  Who is David Montgomery’s NFL comparison?  Kareem Hunt.

BEST VALUE: WR Robby Anderson Rd 10 pick 3

I also like the values of Brees (12.3), and Godwin (6.3), but ultimately went with Anderson on this one.  The Jets failed to add anybody else to their receiving corps. in the draft, and they seem fine with their pass catching options being RB Le’Veon Bell, TE Chris Herndon, and other WRs such as Quincy Enunwa and Jamison Crowder.  Anderson will be the guy that takes the top off the defense, and he has already proven he can do that. He is a bit of a boom bust guy, but I think he will be a little more consistent this year barring injury and can find himself squarely in the WR2 category at the end of the season.  This all hinges on the play of Sam Darnold, and the hopes he avoids a sophomore slump.

WORST PICK: WR Jarvis Landry Rd 3 pick 10

I love me some Jarvis Landry.  He rarely drops passes and is a nightmare in the open field.  He is one of the most consistent players in PPR fantasy. But to take him in the 3rd round ahead of the likes of proven elite talent in Keenan Allen and TY Hilton is a bit of a head scratcher.  I’d also rather have Calvin Ridley and DJ Moore, both players in their early 20’s who have shown they can grow up quick and have a ton more upside than Landry at this point in his career.  If Jon wanted consistency, then he got it. But I did not expect Landry to be more than a 5th round selection.

#5 Keenj

This team has a well built starting roster.  QB Luck (Top 5 positional) HB Mixon (Top 10 positional) HB Tarik Cohen (Top 20 positional) Antonio Brown (Top 5 positional) WR Brandin Cooks (Top 12-15 positional) and Tre Burton (Top 10 positional).  Sammy Watkins in the flex has the clear path to be top 20 positional with an outside chance at the #1 overall WR spot (IF he can stay healthy – which is a big IF). I’d say that’s a great starting point.  However, the depth is lacking severely. This GM needs to hit the rookie draft perfectly to stand a good chance during bye weeks or when injury inevitably hits. That’s the only reason they are this low.

BEST VALUE: WR Sammy Watkins Round 7 pick 5

This was a pick I applauded during our draft.  And then was validated during the actual NFL draft.  The Chiefs failed to acquire a solid possession WR in the draft, electing for the electrifying speed of WR Mecole Hardman instead.  Hardman will find himself hard pressed (pun intended) to be anything more than a long TD here, 2 catch game there, type of receiver in his rookie year.  I really doubt he makes it to 45 catches this season, and he may be relied upon more than one would hope is needed on a rookie. That presumably leads to Sammy Watkins taking on the majority of Tyreek Hill’s targets.  As previously mentioned, WR1 potential for sure. I shouldn’t have to say it as it should be common sense, but that is without sustaining an injury, something Sammy Dubs hasn’t done his for most of his career.

WORST PICK:  HB Joe Mixon Rd 1 pick 5

This is more of a testament to KeenJ’s draft (even though I just stated he has dick for depth), as it was pretty hard to select a “Worst Pick”.  I wouldn’t even call this a bad pick, as Mixon is a back end RB1 all day with a top 3 ceiling. This is only relative to the expert rankings who have him maybe 5-7 slots lower on the draft board.  It was a bit of a surprise, but if he’s your guy go get him. He’s helped by getting his QB and receiving corps back, and he must’ve loved to see the Bengals go offensive line in the first round this year.

#4 KonnerKiley

Goat lover Konnor slides into the #4 spot in our initial rankings, and it is mostly due to a solid starting roster and great depth.  Right now, sleeper projects Gronk (retired) to be his flex. That may be a mistake. But they have plenty of flex options. James White, Carlos Hyde, Chris Thompson, Peyton Barber, Nyheim Hines, Dion Lewis, Marquis Goodwin, Anthony Miller.  Basically every reserve on the team. However the road to the championship hinges on starting RB Derrius Guice, who is last heard to be a question mark for training camp. The Redskins also drafted HB Bryce Love in the 4th round (coming off an injury of his own though) and signed Adrian Peterson to a 2 year deal after the season ended.  If Guice can be successful in his comeback, he’s a guy that could eclipse 1,500 total yards in 2019.

BEST VALUE: HB Carlos Hyde Round 10 pick 9

Carlos Hyde has been shipped around the last few years (SF to CLE to JAX), but now he’s got one last shot to land a starting job and it couldn’t have been in a better place.  Don’t forget, the 49ers drafted Hyde in the 2nd round of the 2014 NFL draft.  The dude has talent. He is an average pass catcher so I don’t expect him to do much 3 down work IF he wins the starting job, but 10 TD’s isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Carlos this year.  In his lone 16 game season with the 49ers in 2017, Hyde put up nearly 1,300 total yards and 8 TD, something he could definitely do in an Andy Reid offense. The Chefs (intentional) did not do much to address RB in the draft and Damien Williams, a career backup until (presumably) this year, stands in his way.  He’s definitely worth the 10th round flier.

WORST PICK: QB Jared Goff Rd 7 pick 4

Another one of these “I don’t mind it but…” I believe Konnor could’ve waited another round to draft Goff, and took a chance on one of the upside WR like Watkins, Sutton or Boyd.  But my sources on this one are limited, and I have no idea who else was targeting King Goffery. The QB is tied to one of the brightest minds to ever enter the NFL in Sean McBae, AND just went to a Super Bowl.  Granted he wasn’t the greatest in the postseason, but fantasy is about regular season, and Goff has increased his production every season since being drafted at 1 in 2016. Goff’s fantasy QB ranks are 37th , 12th, and 7th.  This could be a top 5 year and #1 overall isn’t a crazy thought.

#3 Gaugrim

The Untamed very well could be let loose in the 2019 season.  The starting squad of Rodgers, Ingram, Carson, Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, and Hunter Henry is a damn good one.  Add in the flex of the always reliable WR2 in Robert Woods, and this is a team that will be a consistent force. There are a few circumstances that could break the team.  Rashaad Penny makes a jump in year 2 (negating Carson), the stable of RBs not named Ingram in Baltimore being more featured (negating Ingram), or Hunter Henry not being the same after a torn ACL suffered almost a year ago (negating… Well Henry..).  But they also have pretty good depth, and an expectation of best IDP. As with every team in the league, we’ll get a lot more clarity over the coming months, which leaves this team #3 for now.

BEST VALUE: WR Keke Coutee Round 9 Pick 12 (Honorable Mention: RB Lamar Miller Rd 8 Pick 4)

The last time we saw Coutee he was burning the Colts for 110 yards and a touchdown on 11 catches.  In a playoff game. He also had 11 catches for 109 yards (again vs. the Colts) in his rookie premiere, setting the record for most catches in a player’s debut.  He was hurt a lot last year, and only played in 6 games. But when he was on the field, he was a terrific possession option for Deshaun Watson and will be a stud in PPR.  He also plays the Colts twice a year, so watch the fuck out. *Applause* for the last pick in the 9th round.  Honorable mention – RB Lamar Miller.  Just a quick note on Miller, the Texans didn’t bring in a threat to unseat Miller atop the depth chart, so Miller could once again be in line for RB2 work.


This one was rough.  I commend Jeff for drafting a great team, it was difficult to find a bad pick.  I don’t think he did have a bad pick, but (MAYBE) a bad strategy. If you’re not familiar with this master plan, Jeff traded the #1 rookie pick for Round 7 and 8 picks.  He also had the 11th and 12th picks in the round, giving him 4 out of the next 8 picks.  With his next 3 picks, he peppered the board with IDP (Keuchly, Wagner, Donald).  The IDP strategy may work, it may not. I didn’t try to talk him out of it (Or give him a tip on Darius Leonard the DROY – I wanted him).  Yes, they can score like RB2s, however I think it might be a little more equaled out in the end team to team. But it’s hard to know at the moment.  Personally, I would’ve rather taken some shots on long term position players. Still, this team will most likely have the best defense, so I do not blame him.  Be bold my friend.

#2 Mhayes4985

Yes I did it.  I put myself #2.  If there’s one thing I do have confidence in, it’s my fantasy football teams.  I pride myself in being a great armchair GM year after year. Sure, I only have two (meaningful) championships in 15 years across multiple leagues, but my career winning percentage in Yahoo! Leagues is over .650.  That’s pretty baller. Okay I’ll stop crediting myself. I like to think I have a great starting lineup combined with a bench that can win it all. My QB (Garoppollo) and TE (McDonald) are a tad suspect, but if handsomeness is any indicator Jimmy Jesus will be the number one QB in all of football for years to come.  And I saw one site that ranked Vance Dance as the #6 overall TE for 2019, so = Championship. All kidding aside, a lot depends on health (QB Jimmy G, RB Freeman, WR Beckham), but if everything breaks right the South Park Cows will be a tough out.

BEST VALUE: TE Vance McDonald Round 15 pick 9

With one of the rare picks I kept, I was super happy to snag the former Niner and current Steeler TE.  He’s a former 2nd round pick with incredible athleticism, but injuries and drops have plagued the former Rice standout.  With the departure of Antonio Brown, the 28 year old should see a healthy uptick in targets. He was 10th last year in fantasy TE points, finishing with 50 catches for 610 yards and 4 TDs.  I expect all of those numbers to increase.

WORST PICK: QB Jimmy Garoppolo Rd 10 Pick 1

Arguably Josh Gordon (Rd 22 pick 4) and Rex Burkhead (Rd 24 pick 4) were worse selections given their situations.  But those are late round dart chucks. In the earlier rounds, I would have to say I reached a tad for my man crush and my team’s real life savior.  Coming off a torn ACL and never having a full season of play to judge, it’s a toss up. You see franchise QB throws on one play from Jimmy, and the next he will airmail a wide open 6’5 Kittle for a missed TD. Looking back at it, I would’ve much preferred WR Robby Anderson and could’ve got better value.  But to be honest, I had to restrain myself from Jimmy GQ in the 8th round.

#1 BElliott

At first, I was not liking this guy’s draft while we were all selecting our team a month ago.  But then I took a step back during this process and looked at the starters:

QB Wilson

RB Gurley

RB Mack

WR Julio

WR AJ Green

TE Eric Ebron

All of those guys can straight up ball out.  I get that Julio and Green are a bit older and Gurley has an injury concern, but if everything breaks right, this is a team I’ll be scared of taking on this season.  Beyond? Maybe a year or two more, but he can easily replenish the talent. I like the fact he went all in for THIS year, something that is underrated. Much love. As for flex, he’s got a few WR he can plug and play (Jeffery, Parker, Foster, Tate).

BEST VALUE: RB Marlon Mack Rd 4 pick 6

A lot of picks for BElliott were pretty much selected right where they were supposed to, but I’ll throw Mack a bone here.  Any lead back associated with Andrew Luck is always a good thing, and I liked Mack above the likes of Fournette, Hunt and Henry, who were all taken before the 6th pick in the 4th round.  Mack showed flashes in his rookie year, and came off an injury last year to finish with the 11th best FPPG for RB with 14.1.  He was drafted as the 19th overall RB.  

WORST PICK: WR AJ Green Rd 3 Pick 9

Again, this is not a gripe against the player.  I basically just love Keenan Allen (taken 3 spots later).  I guess I will forever for helping me win my first championship in the league I started YEARS ago.  Anyway, Green is turning 31 in July, so how long does he have left? I hope he has 5 great years left, but he can’t seem to stay on the field. He’s missed 14 games the last 3 years but showed durable in 2017 with 16 games played and the 6th! 1,000 yard season of his 8 year career.  He’s clearly still elite.

Well that was fun.  This was made over the course of about a week.  Thanks to FantasyPros, Wikipedia, and NFL.com for some cool stats and info used in this article.  If something turns out false, blame them assholes. But most of all thanks to you guys for reading and being a part of my very first dynasty league.  I will continue to do articles throughout the year so be on the lookout for the next one.

Thanks again,

Your loving co-commish